Company profile


The rapid development of production and trade requires a professional evaluation and an analysis of products and services to verify their quality, as well as a responsible attitude towards human health and the environment.

We are a control agency which combines laboratory testing services with a broad spectre of microbiological, chemical and physical analyzes that we perform in our laboratories, controls on the slaughtering line, control of goods and facilities, as well as certification and consulting.

Our goal is to provide an independent and expert testing and analysis of goods for all our business partners, regardless of their work or the products that they produce or buy. Not only do we represent a professional approach to quality requirements, we also offer complete impartiality and independence of tests that are confirmed by relevant accreditations, which enable the implementation of EU regulations.

Who is Euroinspekt Croatiakontrola?

Today we are the leading inspection company in the Republic of Croatia with headquarters in Zagreb, our own laboratories in Zagreb and Opuzen, numerous business centers throughout the country, both organizationally and personnel-wise, with 82 professional employees. We cover the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia and its neighbouring countries.



Regardless of your location, we are able to provide you with complete services that include the inspection of goods, sampling and the delivery of samples to our laboratory in the shortest time possible, and our team of experienced professionals and inspectors ensures the highest standard of services one can provide.

As we strive to be the best in our work, if you have any objection regarding our work or the work of our employees, do not hesitate to contact us. Each and every of your objections will be considered and we will inform you about the action undertaken.