Control of goods and facilities




Our professional and highly qualified inspectors perform professional controls, inspections and sampling of goods in ports, warehouses, containers, tanks, as well as the control of storage and transport spaces.

We are also the concession holders for performing the port operations of quality control and quantity of goods in the area of the ports of Rijeka, Split and Zadar, in accordance with the agreements and decisions of the Administrative Council of the Port of Rijeka, Split and Zadar.

Area of our activity:
– monitoring of loading/unloading/shipment of goods
– quantity control/counting/weighing/measuring of gauzes for the determination of quantity, measuring of marine and terrestrial tanks
– sampling of goods and seeds
– control of infection (presence of live pests) and fumigation of goods
– control of storage
– determination of damages and shortages of goods, as well as their origin
– expertizes, surveyor examinations and repairs of goods
– control of the condition and packaging of goods
– control of the cleanliness of marine storages/transport means and storage facilities
– sealing of containers and other means of transportation


In accordance with the provisions of the Regulations on the frequency of checks and normatives of microbiological purity in facilities under sanitary supervision (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia “Narodne novine” no. 137/09), that defines the place, number and frequency of sampling, we conduct sampling and give opinions on the microbiological purity of the facilities (satisfactory / unsatisfactory).

As an integral part of the HACCP plan, a sampling is also being conducted, as well as the microbiological analysis of foods and prepared meals, and the testing of the water for human consumption in accordance with the provisions of Annex II, table 1 of the Ordinance on conformity parameters and methods of water analysis for human consumption (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia nos. 125/13 and 141/13).