GAFTA membership certificate


We are the first certified inspection member of GAFTA in the Republic of Croatia, an international trade body for the trade with oilseeds, oils and fats,and GAFTA-approved laboratory.

GAFTA is an international trade organization with more than 1250 members in 86 countries. The aim of the organization is the promotion of international trade with grains, cattle feed and raw materials, beans and rice, but as well the information about market trends. GAFTA also protects the interests of its members in the processes of international trade, giving them full support in international trade agreements.

EUROINSPEKT CROATIAKONTROLA is a certified GAFTA Superintendent member since January 1999, according to which it carries out inspections, testings, quality controls and controls of the quality of grain, cattle feed and raw materials, beans and rice and other commodity raw materials that are being traded according to GAFTA’s contractual terms. The control agency issues reports and certificates relating to completed controls or counseling services. Euroinspect Croatiakontrola, as a certified GAFTA Superintendent member, unquestionably accepts the “GAFTA code of practise”, which guarantees the independence and impartiality in the quality control of goods and cargo, according to GAFTA’s sampling rules.

GAFTA Superintendent certificate GAFTA-approved laboratory certificate